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I'm new to working out. How should I start?

We require everyone new to our studio to start with our new-to-onelife package which is (3) one-on-one sessions (1 coach: 1 student ratio) for only php4,500.

The three sessions are designed so you can get properly assessed, introduced to the special pilates equipment, and taught fundamental Pilates exercises thoroughly.

You may also shop this pass online and we can immediately schedule you for your first session.

Is there any age limit?

No, of course not. We welcome everybody of all ages, gender, shapes, and sizes.


If you're a bit shy to join our group classes, start out with a private session that guarantees you privacy and the attention that you need.


If you're unsure about your physical condition, drop by the studio and we'll have one of our wellness coaches assist you.

I'm a guy. Is Pilates just for girls?

Actually, the founder of Pilates is a guy, so of course you are meant to do this!


In fact today, many well known male athletes swear by either or both as a means of cross-training to enhance their performance. Don't be intimidated or shy around the ladies in the room.


We're sure they'll be happy with a little gender diversity.

This one is actually a common misconception. Chances are, all the bendy people that you see doing Pilates did not start out bendy.


Many of us could not even touch our toes (and some of us still can't) and we don't expect you to either, especially not in your first few classes.


So when you come in, don't be embarrassed, we all understand and most of us can relate. Just enter with an open mind, and the flexibility will follow. 

I'm not flexible at all. How can I do this?

What should I wear?

It feels great to move free and comfortably but a wide loose neckline and a flimsy top that rides up when you move can get in the way of a good class.


Go for snug but stretchy tops and pants that give you full coverage and support for your chest area as well as the comfort and freedom to move.


When choosing bottoms, opt for leggings, pants, or shorts made to stretch. Look out for embellishments like studs, sequins, or zippers - these might just hurt you and the mat and equipment you'll be using. 

All classes require that you wear a pair of skidless socks with you for hygienic purposes. There are socks for sale at the studio shop.

How often should I go to see results?

Well the best is really to come daily and spend at least an hour working out.


However, we do know most of the time, life gets in the way of your wellness goals and its pretty challenging to squeeze a workout in everyday.


So if you're a busy bee but want to get healthy, we recommend starting a routine that lets you workout at least 2x-3x a week. Over at the studio, we have a lot of regularly group classes scheduled weekly so whether you're an early bird or a night owl, there's definitely a class you can attend.


For cases that you need a session to match your specific scheduling needs, then you can always opt for a personal training session instead. 


Expect to feel (and even see!) results after 10 classes when you combine your new workout routine with the proper diet.

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