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"Our vision is

to become a global brand that shapes generations

of women and

champions the growth

of Filipino healthcare professionals."

- Tanya Aguila, Studio Director

Our Philosophy

You can count on us to meet you at every stage where your body is at.

This is why we’ve made it our mission to keep the focus on YOU. We're exclusively a personal training studio committed to designing you the best possible personalized health and fitness strategy to get you the closest to your goals, and to get you to your personal best, always.

When you are a woman, there are physical changes and demands that require a different level of care.

This is why we developed our ONELIFE CARE CIRCLE™ so that you can count on us to meet you at every stage where your body is at.


We make sure to know your starting point and targets and we continuously track your progress to make sure we are getting your closer to your goals.

Injury Prevention
& Management

The combined expertise of our expertly trained fitness coaches and licensed physiotherapists prescribe the best movement strategy for your recovery.

Posture and Alignment

We make sure you are able to sustain a healthy lifestyle

that gets your body from better to best, for life.

Pre/Post Natal Fitness

Every pregnancy is different and we make sure we deliver the safest, most effective program for you and your LO.

Mobility and Flexibility

Injuries happen at the ned range of motion and that's why we believe working on your flexibility and mobility keeps you safe and more active, for life.

Sport Specific Conditioning

We understand that when you play sports, your conditioning program must help you perform better at your game.


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