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Woman, we know you best!

Onelife Woman Pilates Philippines

If your primary goal is to get healthier,  be free from aches and pains,

and to look and feel good, then we can confidently say that our program works!

When you enroll with us, you will enjoy a personalized health & fitness program that combines the very best of Pilates, Physical Therapy, and Functional Training.

We focus on simultaneously training several muscle groups in efficient, connected movements, so you actually learn to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion, and build your muscles more uniformly throughout your entire body. As programs are low impact and highly customizable, this is a method you can enjoy for life.

Countless women vouch for our expertise in injury prevention and recovery,  sports performance, pre and postnatal fitness, and postural improvement. By combining principles of Pilates with our expertise in physiotherapy, we are committed to delivering these physical benefits safely, efficiently, and effectively. 



We create specific programs to help you break personal records and outdo your best.


We make sure to knowyour starting point and targets while continuously tracking your progress to make sure we are getting you closer to your goals.



Injury Prevention and Management

The combined expertise of our trained fitness coaches and licensed physiotherapists prescribe the best movement strategy for your recovery.

Optimal Health

We make sure you are able  to sustain a healthy lifestyle  that gets your body  from better to best,  for life.

Pre / Post Natal Fitness

Every pregnancy is different and we make sure we deliver the safest, most effective program for you and your LO.

Meet Your Care Circle Team of Experts

We are not just fitness coaches.

Our team boasts of the best licensed physical therapists in the country as well as internationally trained fitness coaches and consultants.  When you start with ONELIFE™, you will be working with a multi-disciplinary coaching team that will design the best possible personalized health and fitness strategy to match your goals and needs.

We combine the very best of physical therapy with principles of Pilates and Functional Training through our diverse network of experts working together for YOU.


Our Senior Physios are licensed and experienced physical therapists that have designed and executed over 1,000 hours of personal training sessions.

On top of their allied healthcare professional qualification, they have also successfully completed our intensive credentialing program and also have complementary trainings and certifications under their belt. 


Our Physios are licensed physical therapists that have designed & executed at least 300 hours of personal training sessions.

On top of their allied healthcare professional qualification, they have also successfully completed our intensive credentialing program.


Our Junior Physios are licensed physical therapists.

They are currently in our intensive credentialing program.


Our Senior Pilates Consultants hold one or more internationally recognized Pilates teacher certifications. They also have other complementary fitness trainings under their belts.


Our Pilates consultants have finished an internationally recognized Pilates intructor training course.

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