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Introducing Theracupping, redesigned for women's well-being! Our latest innovative treatment allows you to combat common musculoskeletal issues like tension, stiffness, and muscle fatigue and lets you experience immediate relief whenever you need one.

Experience targeted relief through the combined power of suction, heat, and vibration delivered. Benefit from improved flexibility, reduced muscle soreness, and enhanced recovery – because every woman deserves tailored care for her unique wellness journey. 

*Sessions may run 30-60mins.
**Attending physiotherapist can be a Physio Coach, Senior Physio Coach, or Lead Clinical Trainer. Learn more about our coach leveling here:
***Service now only available at our San Juan and BGC branches.


  • Terms & Conditions

    Package Validity

    • Session must be scheduled within 90 days from date of purchase
    • Session is face to face. In cases of government mandated closures, remaining sessions are frozen and reactivated as soon as face to face sessions are permitted.
    • Session may be scheduled at our SAN JUAN or BGC branches only

    Expiry Extension

    • We do not allow expiry extensions unless for valid medical reasons with proof.

    Package Sharing

    • This package may not be shared.

    Client Eligibility

    • - There are some contraindications to this service and for special conditions not listed under contraindications, we require a doctor's clearance for added safety.

    Scheduling Your Sessions

    • - Sessions must be scheduled directly with the studio via any of the following hotlines: San Juan-(0917)8951762, BGC-(0917)1049157 or
    • However, our team shall get in touch with the package holders as soon as possible, after we receive a receipt of the online purchase indicating the client’s complete contact information.
    • Appointments are given on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommended setting up your sessions at least 1-2 days in advance. We do not accept walk-ins or appointment requests for sessions on the day itself.

    - We only confirm reservations for clients with valid packages. 


    • Package may not be refunded once used or after 7 days from date of purchase, whichever comes first.

    Coach Assignment

    • The studio reserves the right to assign and change the coaches handling your sessions without prior notice. Our team will ensure the correct leveling of coaches handling your sessions.

    Session Cancellations

    • We allow for appointment rescheduling free of charge as long as it is arranged at least 48hrs. before the original appointment schedule date and time set.

    *Other studio policies apply.
    **Studio policies may change without prior notice.

  • Service Contraindications

    The following are circumstances where the potential risks may outweigh the benefits. Therefore, it is advised that you should seek the advice of a medical professional before availing of this service:

    • Skin rash, open wounds, blisters, local tissue inflammation, infections, bruises, or tumors
    • Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis
    • Bone fracture or myositis ossificans
    • Osteomyelitis
    • Severe scoliosis or spinal deformity
    • Hypertension (uncontrolled)
    • Vascular/arterial and circulation diseases, including blood clots, phlebitis, thromboses (DVT), and varicose veins
    • History of embolism
    • Acute or severe cardiac, liver, or kidney disease
    • Severe peripheral neuropathy or other cause of sensory impairment
    • Bleeding disorders
    • Connective tissue disorders
    • Medications that thin the blood or alter sensations
    • Recent major surgery
    • Pacemaker or ICD
    • Presence of unexplained pain
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