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Introducing Onelife-At-Home


Our brand of personalized care, delivered.

We understand that the safest and most convenient place for you is still at home

and that's why we're bringing our brand of care directly to you.



Wherever you may be, you can now experience our brand of care. All you need is internet connection and a mobile device with a video function to experience virtual one on one sessions with your coach.


*Available only in Philippine timezone (GMT+8)

(Coming soon!)

Experience our brand of personal training or physical therapy, delivered to you. Perfect for those who either cannot make it to the studio, or simply prefer the privacy and comfort of home.

*Coming soon in select cities only.

Enjoy the same expertly-guided exercise sessions you love at home

  • When you are new to our virtual coaching service, this is step 1

    2 hr

    2,000 Philippine pesos
  • Medical Teleconsult + Virtual Physical Therapy

    1 hr

    2,250 Philippine pesos
  • Get expert online guidance personalized towards your fitness goals

    1 hr

    1,350 Philippine pesos

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Looking for an economical option? 

You can also purchase personalized 4-week home exercise guides.

Virtual training with a coach is still best, but if you're looking for a more affordable, yet still personalized, alternative, we got you. Our 4-week home exercise guides include a quick self-assessment questionnaire that's followed by an exercise plan with detailed photos and instructions to do at your own pace at home.

ONELIFEATHOME Portable Reformer

Level up your #OnelifeAtHome sessions with our

portable reformer bundle!

If you've been missing the equipment you've grown to love at our studios, here's your chance to bring the next best possible experience straight to your home.

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Want a leveled up beginner experience?  

You can also purchase our special bundles to get you started.

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