Physio-Led Stretch

You've heard about the importance of regular stretching and want to integrate it more regularly to your routine.


However, not all forms of stretching are made equal.


Stretching is all too often done incorrectly, becoming counterproductive and even causing injury.


Contrary to what we think, there really is also no such thing as a one-size fits all stretching programme, technique or routine.


Different methods suit different goals, conditions, and bodies.


This is why at ONELIFE, your coach works in-tandem with our in-house physiotherapists so they can jointly plan the use of the most effective types of stretching to complement your fitness program.

Expect an expertly designed stretching session that addresses your body’s unique needs - freeing you from any stiffness and pain that may be restricting your movement and preventing you from fully enjoying your physical and daily activities.


Each Physio-Led Stretch session lasts anywhere from 20-30 minutes, inclusive of percussive therapy for 1-3 key focus areas if preferred.

Physio-Led Stretch

  • Terms and Conditions

    Package Validity

    • Credit useable at 1 branch only
    • Package activates on date of purchase.
    • Client is highly encouraged to schedule her first session must be scheduled within 30 days from date of purchase.
    • All sessions are all done in-person (or virtually in cases of government restriction for in person sessions in light of COVID19).

      Expiry Extension
    • We do not allow expiry extensions unless for valid medical reasons with proof.

    Package Sharing

    • This package may not be shared.

    Client Eligibility

    • Studio requires a medical clearance for clients with special conditions before accommodating for this service.
    • Medical clearance absolutely required for prenatal clients prior to starting.
    • Starting with our New-to-Onelife program is not required for this service, but highly encouraged.

    Scheduling Your Sessions

    • Sessions must be scheduled directly with the studio via any of the following hotlines:

    San Juan- ( 0917) 8951762,
    Makati- ( 0917)1394726,
    Alabang- ( 0917)1743384.

    • However, our team shall get in touch with the package holders as soon as possible, after we receive a receipt of the online purchase indicating the client’s branch of preference.
    • Appointments are given on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommended setting up your sessions at least 1-2 days in advance. We do not accept walk-ins.
    • We only confirm reservations for clients with valid packages. 


    • Package may not be refunded once used or after 7 days from date of purchase, whichever comes first. A 1-time transfer to another individual is allowed. 
    • Should there be any operational restrictions due to COVID19, sessions are automatically converted to virtual session credits.

    Coach Assignment

    • The studio reserves the right to assign and change the coaches handling your sessions without prior notice.

    *Other studio policies apply.

  • Validity Period

    100 Sessions Package validity is 365 Days from date of 1st use

    30 Sessions Package validity is 250 days from date of 1st use

    20 Sessions Package validity is 180 days from date of 1st use.

    10 Sessions Package validity is 90 days from date of 1st use

    5 Sessions Package validity is 30 days from date of 1st use