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Junior Physio Led Personal Training

We believe that 1-on-1 training is really the best way to get fast, real, targeted results at the schedules you want. Our bodies and goals are made differently so you will really benefit more from a highly personalized training program that addresses your exact needs.


Expect to work with a team of dedicated coaches who will jointly execute your chosen Onelife Care Track™. Your coaching team will monitor your progress and challenge you safely every step of the way through a method that combines the very best principles of Physical Therapy, Functional Training, and Pilates. We are committed to providing you the very best support and care for your health and fitness goals every time.


*You need to start with our New-to-Onelife Starter Pack (NTOL) before purchasing this package. After completing your NTOL, you will be advised of your recommended Onelife Care Track™ which can be any of the following: (1) Pre/post Natal Fitness, (2) Rehab-Focused Training, (3) Weightloss and Toning, (4) General Fitness and Performance Optimization, (6) Injury Management, (7) Pure Pilates.

***Under this package, you will be working with a team of Junior Physio Coaches. They are all licensed physical therapists who are currently completing our intensive credentialing program. To know more about our coach leveling, you may visit this link.

Junior Physio Led Personal Training


    Package Validity
    - Package activates on date of purchase.
    - Client is highly encouraged to schedule her first session must be scheduled within 30 days from date of purchase.
    - All sessions are all done in-person (or virtually in cases of government restriction for in person sessions in light of COVID19).  

    Expiry Extension
    - We do not allow expiry extensions unless for valid medical reasons with proof.

    Package Sharing
    - Except for the single session options, the packages may be shared up to 3pax.

    Client Eligibility
    - All clients must start with the '