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Signature Fitness Assessment

Want to have a healthier and fitter lifestyle but don't quite know how to get started? Our fitness assessment is a great way to really get to know where your baseline is so that you can set realistic goals and so that you get a better idea of what kind of program best suits your needs.


Our signature fitness asssessment is a 30-45min. session that consists of three parts:


PART 1: Body Composition Analysis

We start you off with a fitness analysis to see where you're at. We measure everything from weight, bodyfat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, and more. Aside from an analysis of your fitness, this gives us some baseline numbers to work with should you want to continue a program with us. 


PART 2: Posture Analysis

Sometimes its not just about the numbers. You can be physically fit, but what might be bothering you is your posture. So we check for any imbalaces in your body and posture whether standing up or sitting down. 


PART 3: Movement Analysis

Finally, we finish off your assessment session by checking how well you move and carry your body. This is done through a quick, easy circuit. Your coach will then be able to gauge and analyze your strength, flexibility, and balance. With all of these, your coach will be able to craft your personalized program.



A program you can sustain, is one that progresses with you. That's why assessments are important, even while on a program. So you can reset your baselines, track your progress, and adjust your program depending on what your body needs. If you are new to exercising or if you are attempting to come back from an injury or a recent lack of regular physical activity, this service is for you. 


*Service is available in-person or virtually.

**For the virtual option, we are only able to do portion of the Body Composition analysis but we include a home exercise environment analysis in addition instead.

Signature Fitness Assessment