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Signature Fitness Assessment

Unsure how to kickstart your fitness journey? Wondering how to track your progress effectively? Our 30-45 min signature assessment has you covered:


Part 1: Body Composition Analysis


  • Using our special equipment and scale, we’ll get your baseline stats: weight, body fat, skeletal muscle, and more.

  • We will use this data for future program planning.


Part 2: Posture Analysis


  • Beyond numbers: Your assigned coach will assess your posture – both standing and seated.


Part 3: Movement Analysis


  • We will gauge your strength, flexibility, and balance through a quick circuit.

  • All these will help us craft your personalized program.


A program you can sustain, is one that progresses with you. This is why we encourage periodically reassessing, progressing, and adapting as your body needs. Our Signature Fitness Assessment is ideal for beginners or those returning after a break or injury.


Available in-person or virtually. For virtual option, we can only do a portion of the Body Composition analysis. We will, however, include a home exercise environment evaluation.


Signature Fitness Assessment


    Package Validity

    • The package activates on the date of purchase.
    • We highly encourage scheduling the first session within 30 days of purchase.
    • All sessions are conducted in-person, or virtually if government restrictions are in place due to COVID-19.
    • All packages, except the single session option, can be used across all our branches.

    Expiry Extension

    • Expiry extensions are not allowed, except for valid medical reasons with proof.

    Package Sharing

    • This package may not be shared.

    Client Eligibility

    • All clients must start with the 'New-to-Onelife' package. However, for clients with injuries, special conditions, or those who are pregnant/have just given birth, we strictly require a doctor's medical clearance for exercise before proceeding with a succeeding package.

    Scheduling Your Sessions

    • Sessions must be scheduled directly with the studio via our hotlines or email.
    • Our team will get in touch with package holders as soon as possible after receiving a receipt of the online purchase with complete contact information.
    • Appointments are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend scheduling sessions at least 1-2 days in advance. Walk-ins and same-day appointment requests are not accepted.
    • Reservations are confirmed only for clients with valid packages.


    • Package may not be refunded once used or after 7 days from date of purchase, whichever comes first.
    • If in-person sessions are restricted by the government due to COVID-19, sessions are automatically converted to virtual sessions.

    Coach Assignment

    • The studio reserves the right to assign and change the coaches handling your sessions without prior notice.

    Session Cancellations

    • We no longer allow appointment cancellations until further notice due to the capacity restriction imposed by the local governement in light of COVID19. All appointments cancelled are automatically charged to the client account.
    • We do however allow for appointment rescheduling free of charge as long as it is arranged at least 48hrs. before the original appointment schedule date and time set.

    *Other studio policies apply.
    **Studio policies may change without prior notice.

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